Buzz Machine – issues in the context of current events

This week I visited Buzz Machine where media veteran, Jeff Jarvis looks at new media issues on the context of current events.

A blog I found extremely interesting is Citizen journalism ruins the world (again).

Here, Jarvis was asked by three reporters to defend the citizen journalism because of rumors that Apple’s Steve Jobs has been rushed to hospital which consequently sent the company’s share diving.

It comes back to the good old rumor mill and as a news organisation clarification is needed on the situation before the wrong news is spread.

Jarvis said to these reporters is it may not be about citizen journalism, but rather someone trying to game Apple stock. However, he goes on to say we need to recognise life is messy, the luxury of time was lost since 24 hour cable news was created and interestingly that mistakes, rumors and lies do get out and the public has to judge the news more skeptically.

He says rather than ignoring skepticism, we need to encourage it and educate people to think this way.

I think this is correct. More is available to read because of the citizen journalists and we need to question the news that comes across the internet, television or radio.

Another interesting one is where apologies were made to journalists that the fall of the American Journalism Review wasn’t their fault. Jarvis thinks it is saying the change wasn’t seen soon enough and the craft wasn’t ready for the transition.

This is really about new media and new relationships, something this unit has emphasized from the beginning. As Quinn would say, it is important to embrace the new technologies facing journalists, otherwise we will be left behind.

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